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Interactive Digital Signage

You know them TVs you are seeing in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above the gas pump, food menu boards & lots of other places. We can build an amazing presentation and push it to an unlimited number of screens for various uses from driving sales with engaging advertisements or data screens to keeping track of business productivity. 

what is digital signage?

Office Displays

Keep your employees informed with live up to date sales, schedules, and much more with an eye-catching digital display in your office


Digital Menus

Digital menus take the place of static displays and menu boards like printed signs and banners, back-lit signs, chalkboards or hard copy menu boards. Digital menus allow you to update content throughout the day by scheduling the appropriate content at the right time and the right place


Lobby Displays

Attract &Entertain

The lobby is where your hotel or resort can make a strong first impression. Public displays can engage guests as well as customers with diverse solutions for hospitality lobbies.




From small format touchscreen displays for kiosks to massive video walls and everything in between, Daydream Digital has the right solution for each application  to help your brand gain exposure and drive sales.

Health &saftey

Digital Signage is a new way for employers to communicate with staff making it an ideal canvas for Health and Safety information. Literally all industries need some form of Health and Safety, from construction to agriculture; from catering to entertainment procedures are needed.


Social Media

Social media is a land of new opportunity. There are countless personal and professional benefits of using social media. With a little love and care, we can start to build and shape our personal brands into an epicenter of opportunity.


Live Traffic

Inform your viewers of live up to date trafific information in your local area in real time.


Display class schedules, upcoming events and directory listings - all easily updateable. Sync your Google or Outlook Calendar feeds with custom templates.

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